Action SUP Supply is a small Midwest-based company that specializes in customized stand-up paddle boards. Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is a fast-growing sport that offers a phenomenal core work out as well as a fun way to enjoy the beautiful waters of Michigan. Whether you’re in it for fitness or leisure, our mission is to educate SUP enthusiasts on the benefits of boarding, aid in determining what type of board is right for you and ultimately help to provide our customers with the opportunity to enhance their lifestyle through paddleboarding. Our board packages come with everything you need to get your SUP on in no time!


Action SUP Supply was founded in 2011 by paddle boarding enthusiast, Johnny B. He started his first paddling excursions on a garbage picked windsurf board.. this intrigued many of his fellow lake patrons and neighbors. After spending many winters in Florida, Johnny became a passionate and experienced SUPer. With over a decade of paddle board experience, Johnny wants to share his knowledge and expertise with those interested in getting involved with the paddle boarding circuit.

“This up and coming sport is fun for athletes and individuals as well as friends, partners and families. Whether you’re in it for the sport, work out or for the social recreation, having a paddle board is a great investment. The possibilities and benefits of owning a paddle board (most importantly the RIGHT paddle board for you) are innumerable. Having a paddle board is a great incentive to get fit, get out there, and get your SUP on! I created this site for the purposes of being informative for those interested in paddle boarding as well as to be able to provide the masses with the most quality boards available on the market at the most reasonable prices. What took me over a decade to figure out is all laid out for you to see and available for purchase in complete packages that include everything you need to get started on your journey. Enjoy the site! Namaste.”

-Johnny B.